SWAMS "Part 2"

Created by Robert Bohn. Starring Nate Milton. Music by Buck St. Thomas and Kyle Sawaia. Robert Bohn is a versatile artist and animator based in the NYC area, who creates a wide range of work for tv, film, web and theater.

Indolent Allen 01 "Student From Hell"

Created by Cliff Benfield. Written by Cliff Benfield, Daniel Padulo, and Adam Gold. VO by Daniel Padulo, Cliff Benfield, and Savannah DesOrmeaux. Cliff Benfield is an animator and comedian based in NYC. He creates animated sketches regularly and is very handsome as reported by his mother. Adam Gold is a comedy producer who produces live shows in NYC and digital series all over the interweb. Daniel Padulo is an NYC based actor and comedy writer, who is also an avid practitioner of Jiu Jitsu, as well as a snake dad.