Created by Vernon Chatman & lilfuchs. VO and music by Vernon Chatman. Directed by lilfuchs & Vernon Chatman. Animation by Floyd County Productions. Vernon Chatman is an Emmy and Peabody awarded writer/director who created The Shivering Truth on Adult Swim. lilfuchs (aka Adam Fuchs) has channeled a deep love of music, illustration and animation into a vibrant, multi-disciplinary body of work, including graphic design and music videos for artists like Captain Murphy, Skrillex, St. Vincent and many more. He currently serves as Animation Director with Adult Swim.

DAP 03: Road Trip

Created by Sam Lanier. Voice Over by Sam Lanier, Felipe Di Poi Tamargo, Sarah Wilson, and Will Niedmann. Music by Kyle Rodriguez. Sam Lanier is a Brooklyn based comedian and animator. He is part of the comedy group Simple Town, as well as c-host of the podcast Raisin Man Arena. He is most famously known for being the original author of the tweet “I hope the vaccine is a gummy”, which he hopes to make into a television show some day.