EMBER'S ETIQUETTE "Getting Dressed"

Created by Ember Knight, Bobby McCoy, and Mikey Santos. Starring Ember Knight, Ron Lynch, and Kasie Shabaz. Music by Ember Knight. Ember & Bobby are L.A. based creators who make videos and music through Bobby’s company [REDACTED] EMOTIONS. Ember’s Etiquette was inspired by their work together on The Ember Knight Show, which is also very good, and you should watch it.

Smalls Volume 11

Haha You Clowns – Created by Joe Cappa. Buster & TJ – Created by Zae Jordan and Javier Williams, Animation by Austin Oliver & Stephen Bond, BG Art by Hannah Jackson & Clara Murray, VO by Zae Jordan, Javier Williams, Henry Welch, Samm Severin, Ariel Julia Hairston, and Dedrick Flynn. Hamlet Factory – Co-created by Phil Jamesson and Jeremy Kaplowitz, Art and animation by Jackie Gorman, VO by Jeremy Kaplowitz, Phil Jamesson, Natalie Walker, Kylie Brakeman, Tom Walker, Alyssa Limperis, and SungWon Cho.