HAMLET FACTORY: Performance Review

Co-created by Phil Jamesson and Jeremy Kaplowitz. Art and Animation by Jackie Gorman. VO by Jeremy Kaplowitz, Phil Jamesson, Natalie Walker, Kylie Brakeman. Jeremy and Phil are comedians and writers in NYC who created The Hamlet Factory. They've worked together so much that they now finish each other’s sentences. Both of them wrote this so it looks less impressive, but trust us, it was very cool. Anyway, how are you? Jackie Gorman is an LA-based design artist and animator, originally from Maui, Hawai’i. She loves working with a variety of mediums, her most recent interest being needle felt.

DAP 03: Road Trip

Created by Sam Lanier. Voice Over by Sam Lanier, Felipe Di Poi Tamargo, Sarah Wilson, and Will Niedmann. Music by Kyle Rodriguez. Sam Lanier is a Brooklyn based comedian and animator. He is part of the comedy group Simple Town, as well as c-host of the podcast Raisin Man Arena. He is most famously known for being the original author of the tweet “I hope the vaccine is a gummy”, which he hopes to make into a television show some day.