STOCK PILE "Office Talk"

Created by Nick Gibbons. Starring John Mangan and Matt Stanton. Nick Gibbons has worked on many of your favorite Adult Swim shows, including Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Nick also has a butt load of crap on his YouTube page that desperately needs more views, so he can feel validated as a human.

DAP 02: Back For DAP

Created by Sam Lanier. Voice Over by Sam Lanier and Felipe Di Poi Tamargo. Music by Kyle Rodriguez. Sam Lanier is a Brooklyn based comedian and animator. He is part of the comedy group Simple Town, as well as c-host of the podcast Raisin Man Arena. He is most famously known for being the original author of the tweet “I hope the vaccine is a gummy”, which he hopes to make into a television show some day.