Smalls Volume X

Zim Zam “Road” created by Alexandre Louvenaz. Sticky Jingles “Hair” created by Noah Malone. Pineapple written by Blair Socci, animated by Lucy Dyson. Domo “Sings” created by Jack Wedge. Buster & TJ Had A Good Time created by Zae Jordan & Javier Williams. Metolius “Virtual Babysitter” created by Caleb & Kegan Swyers. Ember’s Etiquette “Shaking Hands” created by Ember Knight. Shoosh & Hammy created by Georgia Kriss. Zim Zam “Church” created by Alexandre Louvenaz. March of the Ding Dings created by The 3 Year Olds. On-Board Computer created by Michael Marczewski. The Metanoid created by International Geographic. Dress Is My Shirt created by Jessica Ross, Rob Gentile and Kaitlin Thompson. Dance Away The Pain created by Sanjay Jit. Providence 2201 created by Tyler Russo. Virtual Prison created by Derek and Dril and Pierce. Cool Blue Car created by Alan Resnick. Big Crunch created by Júlia Farkas. Track 1 Ver 2 created by Cool3DWorld. DØGVVÅLKER created by Vernon Chatman & Adam Fuchs.

Gassy’s Gas ‘n Stuff

Created by Sarah Schmidt. VO by Mo Doron, Jeremy Hunter, Eric Egan, Sarah Schmidt, and Ian Ballantyne. Animated by Sarah Schmidt and Ian Ballantyne. Music by Steve Perrino. Sound Design and Mix by Brent Busby. Sarah Schmidt is an animation artist living in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in small town, Ohio by marching band and her family's gas station.