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Trucked Up!

On a transatlantic trucker challenge, The Scrambler and The Mummy get in high gear and hot water!

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Season 1

Revelations regarding Rusty's maternity lead to questions regarding Rusty's paternity.

Season 2

Early does his part to support Georgia public education.

Early discovers that his magic beans are far from magic.

Atlanta, home of several location shots used in Six Pack, starring Kenny Rogers.

Season 3

EP 1


Rusty opens up a world of digital wonder when he mashes buttons.

Drought is a disease. David Allan Coe is the cure.

A pointless and moronic tale of the dangers of going green.

Dan Halen tries his hand at human sacrifice.

Early's passion for Krystal spikes after she wins the lottery.

Season 4

Rusty discovers that steroids have no negative repercussions.