booth For the City
  • Examine and choose your pedicabs wisely; is a photo of you on that Game of Thrones-themed seat worth ten minutes of awkward conversation about the driver's band's online-only album release?

  • Make sure to tip your concierge. They're having the worst week of their year, guaranteed. A simple act of kindness could score you your weight in pre-warmed front desk cookies.

  • Do not tip homeless people when asking for directions. Give them something of real value instead, like your indie comic poster print collection.

  • The trick to crashing celebrity parties: book a hotel room above pool level, wait for nightfall, slowly descend via bed sheet rope ladder. Bonus: you'll be a lock for "most talked-about entrance." *

  • The palpable optimism and nervous energy that surrounds the gas lamp district will rapidly decay into withered enthusiasm and resigned disillusionment as the week progresses. Apply adult beverages as necessary.

For the Show Floor

  • EssentialsProper con-floor navigation: left to right, top to bottom, always twirling.

  • The current will be strong. Don't be a salmon. Just relax your body and go with the flow.

  • Roaming hands among clustered gatherings are just the convention's way of saying hello.

  • Don't be hasty with your major comic and movie purchases; wait for Sunday sales. Now you're only paying a mere ten-fifteen dollars more than current online retailers are asking for the same product. Bargains!

  • You're going to need a fair amount of room in your suitcase for all the swag. Plan ahead; travel nude.

For the Panels

  • If you're first in line to ask a question, make sure to start by thanking the celebrity panel "for being here" at the nation's largest multimedia publicity event. Don't forget to specify that you speak on behalf of all in attendance.

  • The convention center itself is actually the worst place to follow the latest Comic-Con news and announcements. If you must be kept informed at all times, focus on your phone and just try to avoid getting trampled.

  • Hall H is where the movie-related magic happens. If you're lucky enough to land a seat, get comfy and park.

  • To secure a Hall H seat: sneak in through the roof on Tuesday night, camp out in the rafters through Wednesday, carefully lower yourself into a front-row seat at dawn on Thursday. Adopt the same color scheme as the carpeting, hide out overnight. Enjoy. *

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