The Forge: Episode 5

Is this the end of the line for TOM?


Saturday, May 15th, 2021

TimeSeriesEpisodeTV Rating
Dragon Ball SuperGoku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Beaten?TV-14 LV
My Hero AcademiaVestigesTV-14 V
Stone Wars BeginningTV-14 LV
Food Wars!Those Who Strive for the TopTV-MA S
The Promised NeverlandEpisode 6TV-14 L
Black CloverThe Maidens' ChallengeTV-PG
Naruto: ShippudenOrochimaru's ReturnTV-PG
Attack on TitanMidnight TrainTV-14 L

Dr. Stone Season 2 Trailer

Let the stone wars begin! Prepare yourself for the season two battle of Dr. Stone, premiering this Saturday night at 1:00a!


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My Hero Academia Sneak Peek: Vestiges

Keep your eyes peeled! This brand new episode of My Hero Academia is happening this Saturday night at 12:30a!


Cyber Shadow Game Review

Step into the shadows! TOM takes on an 8-bit world in Toonami's new game review for Cyber Shadow!


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