My Hero Academia Sneak Peek: That Which Is Inherited

Might be time to call in for backup! There's power in numbers on this all new episode of My Hero Academia, happening this Saturday at midnight!


Saturday, October 16th, 2021

TimeSeriesEpisodeTV Rating
Fena: Pirate PrincessAt Mission's EndTV-14 LV
Batman NinjaTV-14 LV
Batman: Under the Red HoodTV-14 LV

Fena: Pirate Princess Sneak Peek: At Mission's End

Protecting the princess may come at a high cost! Don't miss this all new episode of Fena: Pirate Princess, this Saturday night at midnight. Only on Toonami and Crunchyroll.


Batman Ninja

The Dark Knight travels to the land of the rising sun. Toonami is celebrating DC Fandome with Batman Ninja, this Saturday night at 12:30a!


Batman: Under the Red Hood

A power struggle amongst Gotham's criminals means the Dark Knight needs to call in some backup. Celebrate DC Fandome with Batman: Under the Red Hood, this Saturday night at 2:30a. Only on Toonami!


Shenmue the Animation

When this young man unlocks his true potential, a wrath like no other is unleashed. Prepare yourself for Shenmue the Animation. An Adult Swim and Crunchyroll original, coming in 2022.


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