Made In Abyss Premiere

Grab your tools! It's time to excavate and uncover what lurks in the depths. Check out Toonami's brand new show, Made in Abyss, premiering this Saturday night at 1:30a! Only on Toonami.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus Sneak Peek: All the Best Memories

Dive into the deepest parts of Elle's memory in the next brand new episode of BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS. Don't miss it this Saturday at midnight! Only on Toonami and Crunchyroll.


A Short Hike Game Review

Hike, climb, and soar! Explore nature in Toonami's newest game review for "A Short Hike."


Toonami Music Video "Strength vs. Power"

Strength and power is in the heart of the beholder. Check out Toonami's brand new music video featuring Chris Devoe's track "Race Race"!


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