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Saturday, February 11th, 2023

TimeSeriesEpisodeTV Rating
My Hero AcademiaKatsuki Bakugo: RisingTV-14 V
Made In AbyssGoldTV-MA V
One PieceGet to Building R! The Pirate Alliance's Great AdvanceTV-PG
Naruto: ShippudenWhere Tenten BelongsTV-PG L
PrimalThe Red MistTV-MA V
Ballmastrz: 9009Big Boy Body, Bigger Baby Boy Heart! Can You Endure the Pain of Love? Babyball, Discover It Now!TV-14 DLV
Ballmastrz: 9009Children of the Night Serenade Wet Nurse of Reprisal; Scream, Bloodsucker, Scream!TV-14 DLSV
Ballmastrz: 9009When You Wish Upon a SporeTV-14 LV
Ballmastrz: 9009Can't Stand the Heat? Ultimate Kitchen Technique! Finish Them, Warrior Bard!!TV-14 LV

Made In Abyss Season Finale

The Golden Village has been breached and the monsters of the 6th level are on a rampage. Descend into the shocking one-hour season finale of Made in Abyss, next Saturday night starting at 12:30am.


My Hero Academia Sneak Peek: Katsuki Bakugo: Rising

Shigaraki is hell bent on destruction. Can Deku withstand his onslaught? Find out on an all-new episode of My Hero Academia, next Saturday at midnight on Toonami.



Toonami - Criminal Threats

Every Saturday at Midnight we're building you a better cartoon show. WATCH Toonami only on [adult swim].


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"Save the Planet" Homily

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Japan Is Loud

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One Piece Every Saturday

These pirates will never ignore the call of the sea! Don't miss One Piece every Saturday night at 1:30a & 2a. Only on Toonami!


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