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Why Swap Coin

Swapp Coin is the heart of the swap based economy (SBE). In the same way that bitcoin revolutionized the digital asset market, swapp coin will change and invigorate the SBE. The SBE was the answer that Zach White and Matt Hutchinson conceived together as a solution to the problems they saw as being most immediately dangerous to planet Earth and its Earthlings. The problem of waste plagues all people today. The average person creates nearly 5 pounds (2.26796 kg) of waste a day. This waste is disposed of in dumps and landfills that cannot properly dispose of the trash quickly enough. The garbage is then burned which we know further destroys the ozone layer and pollutes the air we need to live. This has lead to the current state affairs. We grow up in a world where we are not sure if our children will be able to live safley and cleanly on the planet we leave for them. So, the first question Matt and Zach needed to answer was, why do people throw away so much trash? After a period of research they realized that the leading cause of all this waste was people's inability to stop buying newer products. Product manufacturers were creating newer versions of the same product all the time. People are trained to always want the newer, shinier version, and the admiration and joy they had for their current item quickly fades. They then had to wonder why manufacturerers were doing this with their products if the life expectancy of the product was designed to be greater than the timeline from new product to trash product. This led to the idea that if items could be swapped before they are thrown away, this could give people that feeling of having a new product while at the same time passing on the things they no longer cherished. As you recieved a new item you would be re-invigorated with the purchase you had made and began to cherish the new item as a member of your large family of other items. And so the swap based economy was born. The swap based economy is a concept which has begun to take shape through years of successful swapping. You may be asking yourself why the extra "p" in swapp coin. Well, that's just because there is so much extra potential in swapp coin we had to have two "p"s to contain it all.



Swapp Coin is a secure token. The total market cap of Swapp Coin is set at 500,000 coins. Matt and Zach control how swapp coin will be dispersed across the swap based economy so you can trust that upon recieving your first swapp coin that it passed through the digital hands of the hosts of the Williams Street Swap Shop. What you choose to do with your swapp coin beyond that point is entirely up to you. You can choose to transfer your swapp coin at any time into your own ethereum wallet or simply view your total amount of swap coin at our swapp coin online depot located at Our swapp coin online depot is also secured. We will never save any cookies or session information to your local machine nor our servers. Remember to keep your private hash key safe as this will be the key to your account. You can be sure than when you participate you minimize your risk and maximize your rewards.

Earning Swapp Coin

Swapp Coin cannot be mined like typical cryptocurrencies. Swapp Coin is an ERC20Token on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be dealt out by Matt and Zach to those who participate in the SBE and execute successful swaps with other viewers of the Williams Street Swap Shop. The Williams Street Swap Shop is live on every weekday at 1PM. Watch every day to find out more and be a part of the new world.

Projection of Distribution

Future Goals and Further Research

As the benefits of the swap based economy have come to light, Zach and Matt have commited themselves to researching the economic advantages of the SBE. The compound is close knit and gated community in which the swap based economy has been instantiated. All members of the compound are free thinking anarcho-positive futureseekers who are particpating voluntary in this scientific endevour. The community is still in its infantile stages but as more swap coins are distributed to participants the compound can grow and evolve as we further research the effects of the SBE on society. In order to ensure accurate scientific results the compound is closed off from the outside world except by helipad located at the south eastern corner of the compound. We do not want to encourage those outside of the Williams Swap Shop community to visit the compound which is why we cannot publicly disclose the location of the compound. Future plans for the compound include indoor tilapia farm, and subterranean survival condos.

Further Information and Links