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Adult Swim Podcast
Episode 50 - Toonami Audience Takeover Bracket: Episode 1
Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin sit down with Max to discuss the history of Toonami and randomly select the bracket with a special video game. Tune in this Saturday at 5p ET to see what happens next in the Toonami Audience Takeover Bracket!
This Is Branchburg
Episode 13 - The Tomb of the Unknown Bus Driver (feat. Sandy Honig)
The principal of Branchburg Middle School sends a letter home to parents. Someone remembers where they were on September 11th, 2001. And your neighbor’s son practices his new trumpet. Written and performed by Brendan O’Hare and Cory Snearowski. Sound by Alex Gilson. Produced by Tim Heidecker and Dave Kneebone. This Is Branchburg is a production of Adult Swim and Abso Lutely Productions. Featuring Sandy Honig