Tumblr Q & A

TOM and SARA answers your questions from Tumblr, but stay tight-lipped about the specs of the Absolution.

TOM and SARA answer your burning questions about intro song changes, movies and Space Dandy.

TOM and Sara tackle their settled schedule, give a Space Dandy elevator pitch, and tease the debut of Blue Exorcist.

Time to talk to tumblr!

Let TOM and SARA put your concerns to bed with another round of Q's and A's.

Game Reviews

You're gonna die. A lot.

TOM's needs to cause virtual chaos are met.

TOM's never been one for sniping. Fortunately, the giant mechs provide a satisfying alternative.

Listen up Metal Gear Solid fans, cause TOM has got something to say.

For an old franchise, it never loses its stride.

For those who like their murder real quiet-like.

Fun for kids, grown-ups, and control freaks.

Even robots cry when good Pikmin are lost in battle.

Who wouldn't want to be a pirate?

TOM will embrace any excuse to jump back into his pirate voice.

Goofy clothes, crazy weapons, and a sea of the undead to mow down? Sounds like Tom's got a new favorite.

Swords, sorcery, and plenty of slicing and dicing? Sounds like a pretty good time to TOM.

TOM goes back to the basics for a beautiful storybook RPG.

TOM discovers a great game inspired by The Great War.

Tom's Intros

Toonami's future looks bright on the horizon. Or maybe that's just SARA's glowing face.

Strong female protagonists on parade!

Well, it would be if Tom could sense temperature fluctuations.

TOM and Sara: bringing you the best in interstellar animation.

It's a bunch of punches to the face, as it turns out.

TOM and anime are here to teach you how to be a better person.

Who's excited for more movies?

TOM is about to get starstruck and so are you.

The usual schedule? Ha. You say that like it's a bad thing.

TOM and SARA give you kids a special treat.

Celebrate a month of action-packed movies by entering for a chance to win an exclusive Toonami t-shirt.

TOM and SARA are primed and ready for a galaxy far, far away.

Tom and Sara make interstellar cartoon programming look easy.

Not a lot of wood in the deep reaches of space, TOM. Tread lightly.

We're not dealing with some random amateurs, here.

The fans have spoken: Toonami reigns supreme.

Sorry TOM, that's not how holograms work.

Sage advice from animated ass-kickers.

And happy free labor day, as well!

Every Saturday night is a special night.

Tom and Sara turn the Absolution into a time machine.

Punching! Yelling! Powering up! More yelling!

Every farewell comes with an exciting hello.

TOM and SARA remind us that all humans are created equal. Watch Toonami every Saturday at Midnight.

TOM's a little excited for tonight's Trigun movie.

Cancel your plans; we're about to own your Saturday.

Out with the awesome, in with the awesomer.

Allow TOM to demonstrate the superior entertainment value of the Toonami action delivery system.

We're betting on Clyde.

Thundercats and Sym-Bionic Titan might be taking a rest, but Sword Art Online is on deck. Look for it starting July 27.

News so big it may not fit on your screen.

Let's fire this baby up.

Strap in for 6 hours of uninhibited viewing pleasure.

We've got a quota to meet, after all.

Events & Promos

Meet the monsters that protect England from the other monsters.

Never giving up a fight, never a hair out of place.

Space police, robots and the Department of Interstellar Immigration, oh my.

Demons, meet your match. Get ready for Blue Exorcist - coming this March on Toonami.

Sleep doesn't stand a chance against this lineup.

TOM and SARA prepares you for a month long of classic anime movies that will tide you over until new stuff in January. So don't freak out, ok?

You want anime? We've got anime. Boy, have we ever got anime.

Just another fancy shuffle in our never-ending pursuit of greatness.

With a Toonami lineup like this, who needs friends?

It's Team Satomi vs. Team White Snow in the final race of the IGPX.

Goku better bring it if he wants to save the planet.

TOM's ready to introduce the world to Space Dandy.

As if the challenge weren't daunting enough.

Toonami desires your input.

Better luck next time, sleep.

He's a man of principles.

From the makers of Cowboy Bebop comes a new series that features space, aliens, and great hair.

The universe is vast, infinite, and home to all kinds of boobies.

The hit series finally comes to Toonami. Relive your favorite moments from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Saturday nights at 3:00a.

It's not easy being Dandy.