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Season 1

EP 1


Before going on vacation, Thundercleese asks Brak to take care of his beloved goldfish, Mr. Tickles. After Brak accidentally kills the goldfish, it appears in one of his dreams.

After an altercation with a robot sent to kill Thundercleese, Zorak coughs up a lump from his throat. Miraculously, he now has a beautiful man-voice. The lump, whose name is Carmine, promises to make Zorak rich and famous.

Instead of doing homework, Brak and Zorak waste their entire weekend playing video games. As punishment, Dad decides that they will not be allowed to go to Brak's favorite fish restaurant, Fishpockets. Desperate, Brak and Zorak try using Thundercleese's time machine to remedy the situation.

EP 4


When Zorak catches Brak talking to a favorite stuffed doll, he pressures him into throwing it away. Brak grows depressed over losing the doll, but Mom remedies the situation by giving him a new one that she received from a gypsy. When Zorak catches Brak talking to it, he confiscates the new toy and faces surprising consequences.

Right before the big game, Brak and Zorak decide to kidnap their high school mascot, a chicken named Mr. Bawkbagawk. Brak takes the mascot to his house to hide it and presents it to his parents as his father's uncle: Earl Toteman.

EP 6


Zorak introduces his new friend Mobab, who immediately starts hitting on Mom, offering to take her on a trip. Because Mom wants to make Dad jealous, she agrees. Instead, Mobab kidnaps her and traps her in a cocoon. Dad and Brak must come up with a plan to free her.

Thundercleese's parent company, MoroccoBotix, Inc., deactivates him on his birthday. So depressed is Thundercleese that he stops caring for his yard, usually his pride and joy. When an asteroid is discovered to be on a collision course with their neighborhood, Brak and Dad need Thundercleese to save them.

Dad and Brak's favorite TV show is called "Senor Science." Senor Science himself is trapped in a block of ice, so he convinces Brak and Dad to purchase the Senor Science melting kit. Brak can't afford to pay for the melting kit, so he decides to raise the money with a play.

EP 9

The Eye

Dad used to be a master of the staring contest. Although he is retired, he accepts Zorak's staring contest challenge. Zorak loses because wasps, which are attracted to his eye juices, attack him. Later, Dad's most fearsome challenger re-appears: The Eye.

Season 2

EP 1


Mom and Dad tell Brak about his late-grandfather, Poppy, who had quite a way with the ladies. Poppy sported a variety of noses for various occasions, so Mom gives Brak the nose that Poppy used to wear on dates. Brak is not very successful, however, especially after the nose starts giving him bad advice.

EP 2


Zorak sets up a booth and offers to give beatings to the neighborhood kids. One day a new bully forcefully takes over Zorak's booth. A distressed Zorak moves into Brak's room. Mom is so upset by the situation that she is moved to go out and beat up the new bully. Zorak gets his booth back and moves out of Brak's house.

Brak finds all kinds of excuses to skip school because he does not want to dissect a friendly clam. In his sleep, Spoonie, a talking wooden spoon, and Wunderbird, a yellow bird with a French accent, appear and promise to help Brak save the clam.

Dad gets upset with the neighborhood association and decides to run for its presidency. With the help of Brak and Zorak, he puts an ad in the newspaper filled with lies about the current president, Galrog. In retaliation, Galrog challenges Dad to a public debate.

EP 5


Zorak falls for a new friend. Dad, meanwhile, is waiting for the "Mothership" to pick him up because he believes he is the "chosen one." When the Mothership finally arrives, however, it is Sisto who is taken. And Zorak learns that the object of his affection is part of the Mothership's crew and actually has a wife and kids!

EP 6

New Brak

A new pal begins to emulate Brak so much that he comes to be known as "the new Brak." Mom and Dad take a liking to the new Brak, which upsets the real Brak so much that he confronts the new Brak on his new Brak TV show. In the end, Ron Jaworski and Jim Plunkett show up in their football uniforms to prevent the Braks from coming to blows.

EP 7

The Feud

A feud erupts between Thundercleese and Dad after the two antagonize each other with yard-related mischief, including the freeing of Dad's pigs and the stealing of Thundercleese's yard bunnies.

Space Ghost travels back in time to arrest Brak for crimes committed in the future.

Brak raps his way into a rap contest with a badass rapper. Cee-lo guest stars.

EP 10

Dinner Party

The new neighbors invite Brak and family over for an evening of awkward conversation and murder.

Season 3

The Brak Family Players perform their rendition of "Hamlet".

EP 2


Dad helps Thundercleese win the hand of his true love.

Dad is now a secret agent. He solves a mystery of mind-boggling proportions.

Dad and Brak visit the zoo, and Dad is bitten by a radioactive camel.

EP 5


Dad and Mom are involved in a car accident that could send them to prison.

A self-serving television producer gives Brak and family their own TV show.

Romance and deception rule the day in this soapy send-up.

EP 8


Brak decides that living in a cardboard box will land him an impressive girlfriend.