Soul Quest Overdrive

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Faced with mind-controling noodlezoids, Mortimer becomes the gang's last hope.

Bert leads the charge in feeding the elderly.

Bert, Tammy and Nick are used for sinister, spaghetti-related purposes.

Bert returns to help save a man's life and meets his lord and savior.

Tammy and Mortimer banish evil science to a nearby river.

Bert and Tammy introduce their new bundle of joy to Mortimer.

Tammy tells Bert and the others that she wants to adopt an African baby.

Something is amiss about the gang's new, elderly friend.

An elderly man reveals his terrible secret.

The gang's new client helps them ruin his ex-wife's house.

Bert, Tammy and Nick become proud parents of a stranger's mutant butt baby.

Nick finally achieves the legendary spasm-gasm.

Bert, Tammy and Nick awake to a strange, noodle world.

Bert shows everyone why he's the leader.

The gang's latest plan is interrupted by a mysterious, delicious-looking monster.

Bert and Tammy take their new baby to his first play date.

Bert, Tammy and Mortimer spread the important news.

The gang works hard on a new job.

Bert shows the African baby broker why he would be a great father.

Nick explains the backstory while Bert is used for rough, robotic sex.

Nick does the gang a favor.