Saul of the Mole Men

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Season 1

STRATA Geologist Saul Malone finds himself stranded in the Center Of The Earth.

Mole Man Bertrum plots to usurp power from his ailing father, the King. Saul, Johnny, and Robot plot to infiltrate the Mole Man Village in hopes of contacting STRATA.

Clancy and Bertrum run for "King of the Mole Men". Saul joins the election race at the encouragement of a talking rock.

Saul fights to survive in Mole Man Prison. Bertrum attempts to gain support for his ambitious "Project Thunderhole", despite Clancy's vehement objections.

Bertrum kicks off Project Thunderhole with a party and the ceremonial "Beating of the Mutant Sack."

Saul develops romantic feelings for the beautiful Fallopia. The STRATA Operators embark on a rescue mission.

Saul and Li'l Li'l tackle Mole Man puberty.

EP 8


Fallopia and the gang attempt to save Saul from the clutches of a mysterious BirdBat who covets his stone.

Saul stumbles upon a beloved Tall Tale Hero. The STRATA Operators encounter some rough seas.

Saul seeks enlightenment as he tries to fit in with a band of free spirits, modern primitives who follow no law but their own.

The STRATA Operators reflect on their doomed mission as they receive an update from Robot.

Johnny and the BirdBat Princess share a forbidden love as the Mole Men and BirdBats prepare for war.

FLOOD! Saul tries to protect his stones as he seeks answers about their true nature.

As the Mole Men celebrate the "Beet Jubilee," Clancy desperately seeks out Saul and his strange stones.

The Core is terrorized by evil Johnny Tambourine Dolls!

Clancy reveals his mysterious past...

EP 17

Saul-id Rock

Clancy searches for answers about the Mother Rock as Saul flirts with death.

The Gang contemplates an odd growth on Saul's groin.

Saul is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Our heroes set out to stop Otnip and his Asteroids from destroying the world.