Mary Shelley's Frankenhole

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Season 1

EP 1


In order to sleep with attractive women like Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe, newly appointed President Lyndon Baines Johnson asks Frankenstein to put his brain into the handsome head of the recently deceased JFK.

Unlovable lycanthrope, Stewart Lawrence needs to find someone to love him in order to kill him.

Hitler is sick of hating the Jews. Can Mad Scientist Victor Frankenstein help? Tune in and find out.

EP 5


When Death doesn't get Victor's respect, he takes it out on the immortal's extremely mortal children.

Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson visits Frankenstein's mad laboratory for some laughs and a song.

Director and ex-child star, Ron Howard wants Frankenstein to make him young and cute again.

To become a more effective hunger striker, Mahatma Gandhi mixes his blood with Dracula's.

EP 9


With permission from Jesus Christ (Andy Dick), Victor Frankenstein takes a Frankenhole back in time and cheats on Elizabeth with her younger self.

Victor Frankenstein brings Michael Jackson back to life some twenty years after his death in order to hang out with his adult son Blanket Jackson.

Season 2

Victor Frankenstein begrudgingly enters his overly sensitive Creature into the annual Scary Monster Contest.

Timid driver, Victor Frankenstein, sets out to prove he is a man by entering the big monster car race.

In a classic Battle of the Sexes, Victor and Elizabeth decide to switch roles in order to prove the inferiority of each others gender.

Gluttonous, all-consuming John Belushi accidentally drinks Dr. Jekyll's serum and turns from a lovable rogue into the worst possible version of himself.

Victor is tired of Vampires being disruptive in movie theaters and hatches a plan to end their reign of terror once and for all.

The Creature, wanting to explore his ancestry, makes Victor dig up and reanimate all the corpses that "donated" his body parts.

Japan is plagued by it's most horrible threat yet; while the monsters in Victor's little town fear that no one is taking them seriously as threatening creatures anymore.

Narcissism reaches new heights when Victor Frankenstein develops a method to truly look at his own face without the use of cameras or mirrors.

The Grim Reaper researches the demise of human life by following around history's greatest catalyst of death: Jesus.

In order to prove that he doesn't have a jealous bone in his body, Victor puts out a singles ad for men to have sex with his wife, Elizabeth.