King Star King

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Season 1

King Star King pilot episode 'KSK !!!'

King Star King and his team of strange heroes, Hank Waffles, Gurbles and Pooza the Wizard must battle the evil Alfonzo Molestro for the body of Princess Snow White so they can reattach her beautiful head.

King Star King and Baroness Sludgeclot go on a date while Hank Waffles, Gurbles and Pooza babysit Chunkles and Smear back at the Waffle Zone.

King Star King and the crew of the Waffle Zone run into trouble at Fat Frank's Fantasy Lounge when their deepest darkest fantasies turn into reality... A horrifying cosmic-STD filled reality.

King Star King trains the miserably pathetic alien Mike Balls to fight his tormentor, Tim Tumor.

Hank Waffles falls in love with the Burger Bitch while on spring break. King Star King pupates and moults into a new and improved King Star King.

King Star King and his crew of strange heroes get sucked into a bizarre alien city inside the head of a petty criminal and must escape to save the Waffle Zone.