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King of the Hill

Master of Puppets I'm Pulling Your Strings!

When Peggy and Hank's date night runs long, and they forget to pick up Bobby at the mall, Bobby uses their guilt to compete for their love; but his plan backfires when Peggy and Hank stop giving him everything he wants, and resolve to spend more time with him.

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Season 8

Hank reacts with horror when Bobby's bible study group turns out to be populated with Christian skate punks who wear tattoos and dress like rockers; Dale and his friends form a Last Supper club.

Peggy suspects that Hank suffers from Irritable Male Syndrome and begins spiking his coffee with testosterone, turning Hank from low-energy everyman to muscled go-getter.

Hank enters his house in Arlen's Parade of Homes showcase. But when the Hill house tests positive for mold, Hank and his family must relocate to a seedy hotel.

When Bobby mistakenly believes that his parents are rich, he steals Hank's credit card and goes on a shopping spree.

A new Strickland Propane employee revels in making off-color jokes, driving Hank crazy.