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King of the Hill

Master of Puppets I'm Pulling Your Strings!

When Peggy and Hank's date night runs long, and they forget to pick up Bobby at the mall, Bobby uses their guilt to compete for their love; but his plan backfires when Peggy and Hank stop giving him everything he wants, and resolve to spend more time with him.

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Season 6

Bobby and Connie pretend to break up to throw off her parents so the two can spend more time together.

Peggy loses her job as a substitute teacher after she spanks an unruly student.

Hank discovers that Connie has a talent for bluegrass music, and arranges a trip to Branson to enter her in a fiddle contest.

When Cotton's WWII veteran's group, the VFW, is threatened with bankruptcy, Hank suggests the group invite Vietnam vets to become members.

Bill gets drunk and steals a military tank after learning he was used as a guinea pig in a secret Army experiment.