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King of the Hill

Courtship of Joseph's Father

Joseph becomes a star quarterback at Landry Middle School, and a prestigious private school comes recruiting; Joseph doesn't want to go, but Dale can't resist the payoff the private school offers him.

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Season 7

EP 13

Queasy Rider

After attending couples counseling, Hank and Peggy buy a motorcycle and head for Sturgis, South Dakota to attend a giant biker rally. But trouble erupts when Hank refuses to allow Peggy to do the driving.

When Bobby repeatedly disobeys Hank, he is forced to attend the same boot camp Cotton went to in his youth. But to Cotton's horror, the once draconian facility now mollycoddles its cadets.

Hank and Peggy become concerned when the leering Buck Strickland ends up in Luanne's Bible study class; Bobby skips gym class to have tea and scones at the posh Hotel Arlen.

When Bill infects Hank with head lice, he's forced to shave off his hair... only to discover the name "Bill" tattooed on his scalp.

Season 8

Hank reacts with horror when Bobby's bible study group turns out to be populated with Christian skate punks who wear tattoos and dress like rockers; Dale and his friends form a Last Supper club.