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The Coffee Shop Prank

Jon's latest prank is full of surprises.

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Season 2

EP 2


Several personal challenges, along with the Mirminsky's stepping things up, begin to take their toll on "Jon".

EP 9


"Jon" gets some shocking news that changes his life.

EP 10


Network budget cuts hit "Jon" and Delocated hard.

"Jon" is stunned when he finds out who David's new girlfriend is.

EP 12


"Jon" is pushed to the brink in a shocking season finale.

Season 3

EP 1


"Jon" has to deal with several major changes to his life. Yvgeny falls in love, but the Mirminskys get bad news.

"Jon" tries to take more control of his life. War seems imminent between the Mirminsky's and the Wang Cho's.

EP 10

Reunion Show

Things go wrong at Delocated's first ever Reunion Special.

Season 4

It's time to say goodbye to "Jon," the Russian Mob, and the Witness Protection Program with the last-ever episode of Delocated, "The Frrt Identity"