Mural Project

From its start, Adult Swim has stood for authenticity, creative freedom, and the championing of artistic voice. It is by way of these key principals that we look to bolster the work, message and careers of American Black artists with the “Adult Swim Mural Project.”

Through our partnership with Atlanta based non-profit Living Walls, artists are trained in the process of mural-making as they gain experience in the full scope of creating public works of art and start meaningful conversations with the community at large. Thank You to all our artists for your hard work and amazing results.
Adult Swim

Introducing The New Orleans Project
New Orleans has always been a place of artistic expression. Community has been the essential component in the makeup of our very fiber. During the pandemic, many artists had to pivot to find income, support, and inspiration. But in a city where art is a pulse, we found that not even Covid 19 could stop a community enveloped in art.

Adult Swim and I have collaborated to bring inclusion, innovation, and culture to each project we deliver. With the help of the amazing Living Walls and Adult Swim, I’m so happy to highlight 3 incredible Black muralists from New Orleans. They will tell their story of how Community and Artistic Expression helped heal New Orleans
during a pandemic.

One Wall. 3 Art Stories. One Incredible City.
Dawn Richard

new orleans