The Call Of Warr

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Killsin has locked himself in the utility room to plan his new town. He is rude to Ghost Lady. Soldier Durken is in the church and he does NOT look good. Is he sick? Glintz-Terry and The Prince wake up hung over and are very upset to realize Soldier Durken is missing. Captain Gravesite is really obsessed with the prisoner but he snaps out of it to organize a hunt for Soldier Durken. Everyone goes into the trees, which is a scary place. Glintz-Terry apologizes to Ashes, but Mabel catches them together and she uses magic, which is not allowed in this are, to push Glintz-Terry. Glintz-Terry tells The Prince about it and he gets really mad. They go back to the station where The Prince removes the mantle of command from Captain Gravesite because he's so obsessed with the prisoner. The Prince and Glintz-Terry rush to confront the magic users when Soldier Durken who's all messed up from the bad priest enters and to everyone's surprise announces that the witches tried to kill him! Killsin comes back and talks more.

S1 EP3

Season 1