The Call Of Warr

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Ghost Lady welcomes us back, and chats with Killsin, who did way too much drugs. Mabel and Ashes discover him and bring him back using some sort of chant. He wakes up and is kind of a jerk about it. That weird priest is hiding again and Mabel and Ashes scream when they see him. The soldiers hang out and some of the tension from spending too much time together seeps through. Glintz-Terry discovers some booze and they and Durken get upset when the Prince and the Captain yell too much. Uh oh the priest seems like he's up to no good. It seems like the Prince has a dark and bloody past. Soldier Durken has a meaningful chat with the women and Prince and Glintz-Terry get VERY drunk and then they come in and upset everyone a lot. The priest conks Durken over the head and he wakes up in the evil church and something very bad is happening to Soldier Durken. Where's Captain Gravesite in all this? Getting really obsessed with Prisoner Sarah.

S1 EP2

Season 1