The Call Of Warr

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Mr. Gravesite is hard at work typing his script for Undercover Soldier. Ghost Lady appears in the window and tells everyone what's what. She's pretty upset about how things are going. Captain Prince comes in and as a courtesy to Mr. Gravesite tells him all about his plans to kill him for dereliction of duty. He's also going to kill the prisoner. Then Mr. Gravesite and Sarah really get to work writing Undercover Soldier. Collaboration is a mysterious process with great challenges and great rewards. Meanwhile in the luggage room the women are tied up, Soldier Durken is acting extremely weird, and Glintz-Terry is being a real idiot about everything. Captain Prince comes in and begins a trial where everyone yells to try to get what they want. The women tell us their tragic backstory of being run out of town for being witches. Soldier Durken is still acting weird and Glintz-Terry still hasn't decided to do anything about it. Vid the Priest is in the church talking to a caller who very, very sweetly tries to tell him not to do bad things. Ghost Lady is upset about the trial and then to make things worse Soldier Durken mugs her and takes her phone. Captain Prince pronounces a verdict of death when Killsin bursts in and tries to give his presentation, but he gets arrested and also charged with death when they find his weird pills. OH my god Ashes is pregnant. Glintz-Terry finally decides to help the prisoners. Mr. Gravesite finally decides to try to help but oh no he's locked in.

S1 EP4

Season 1