The Call Of Warr

Monday, October 29th, 2018

Ghost Lady explains the exposition of the show. A company of lost soldiers shows up and brings in their weird prisoner. The prisoner lights up and starts talking and everyone freaks out. Then Ghost Lady introduces us to three new people in a different room. Two women turn out to have some sort of a secret together but we don't know what yet. There's some sort of conciliator who talks too much. Back with the soldiers, they discover a weird priest watching them. They try to figure out why the town is empty. The soldiers get a mail tube working and try to send a message to Battle Headquarters to rescue them. They interrogate the prisoner further. Then two of the soldiers go talk to the other three people. One of the soldiers is in love with one of the women. Uh oh, she's in love with a different soldier. They find cans of B.E.A.N.S. which is good news for them. The priest goes back to his weird church and talks to some mysterious voices.

S1 EP1

Season 1