The Call Of Warr

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Mr. Gravesite has been up all night writing his script for Undercover Soldier, the action movie he and Sarah are working on. Ghost Lady comes in when he's asleep and expresses how displeased she is with the situation. Then Killsin comes in - he's dead too! Ghost Lady shows him the ropes of what to do and he talks to Sarah. Back in the luggage room, Mabel and Ashes are still tied up and Captain Prince is still hopping mad. Durken is weirder than ever. It seems like maybe something is going on with him. Glintz-Terry finally busts down the door to Gravesite's room but doesn't recognize him because he's undercover. They clear up that misunderstanding and go to rescue Mabel and Ashes. They burst in and a scuffle ensues. Uh oh. They left Sarah alone and Vid the Priest sneaks in. It seems like he has some evil intentions. Now we're back in the luggage room again and as part of the scuffle Mabel exorcises a demon from Durken but that means that both of them are dying and also Captain Prince fell on his knife and he's dying too. Now we're looking at the Station Office again where Vid is really getting into whatever evil spell he's casting. Very quickly we find ourselves back in the luggage room, where Captain Prince dies in Mr. Gravesite's arms, Durken dies in Ashes' arms, and Mabel dies in Glintz-Terry's arms. It's a lot to take in. Very quickly after the deaths of their close friends Captain Gravesite, Glintz-Terry, and Ashes spring into action. Ashes is deputized as a soldier and they run to the station office to try to stop Vid. When they get there his magic is too strong, but then a Mann Corp Battle Machine comes in and kills him. But it can't close the portal so Ashes has to try but she's not strong enough but then the ghosts of everyone who died (there's a lot now) come in to save them. Then the ghosts talk to people for a while and the soldiers recover from their long hard couple of days.

S1 EP5

Season 1