Last Stream on the Left

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Tonight on Last Stream, after weeks of training with the Devilish Dickies and The Fish (A.K.A. Danya Levine), The Owl (A.K.A. Mike Lazzo) has refined Henry into his peak physical shape – the shape of a stubby, ginger pear, and with a win in today’s Biannual Bisexual Biathlon, Henry could firmly grasp the pole position in the upcoming mayoral re-election, causing an inevitable shrink in Ben’s poll numbers. However, even with The Owl’s support, a win would be no small feat for the small-footed Henry. After all, Henry’s not what you would call a winner, and he would have to take the top position, something Henry’s never tried before, but it would also mean Henry would have to finish first, which he is quite accustomed to.

S6 EP38

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