Game Pitch Guidelines

We know that there are talented artists and programmers looking for someone to pay them to do what they do best: make fun games. If you make flash/browser-based games and think you've got a great idea for one that'd be right at home next to Viva Caligula, Amateur Surgeon or Five Minutes to Kill Yourself, we want to hear from you.

We're open to pitches for any game you want to show us, but we're looking for a unique tone and good gameplay. Take chances with atmosphere and character; try new things with interface and gameplay. We want weird, funny, fast-paced, stupid, thought-provoking, twitchy, epic, ironic or violent -- whatever you can think up. The only pitches we don't want are kiddy and unoriginal. We also do not want show-based pitches. The more unusual the better.

Pitch us games you want to make (and are prepared to make), not what you think we want to see. And we're going to want to see some games you've already done. That's a must.

Where To Start

  1. Pitches are generally 1-2 pages and outline the basic game, story (if applicable), gameplay, and may include sample visuals and any links to any information on games you think might be similar to what you are pitching.
  2. Complete and sign our standard idea submission agreement. You can download a copy here.
  3. Get everything (pitch and submission agreement) to us. There are two ways to do this:
    • Send a hard copy of the submission agreement plus your game pitch to:

      Adult Swim Digital and Games
      c/o Game Submission
      1065 Williams Street
      Atlanta, Georgia 30309
    • If you want to get the ball rolling early, you can also fax (or scan and email) the completed submission form to us along with your pitch. Send to game.submission@adultswim.com. But we'll also need a hard copy sent to the address above.

    NOTE: Your pitch materials will not be reviewed or considered if they are not accompanied by your fully completed and signed idea submission agreement. You may send more than one pitch at a time, but you should complete a separate idea submission agreement for each game pitch.

    Be sure to also send us a few web links to any of your previous work so we can check that out too.

  4. If we are interested in your pitch we'll arrange to talk over the phone. If we're not interested we'll let you down easy via email.
  5. If we're satisfied with the game you've proposed, we'll need you to draw up a more detailed proposal with schedule and budget information. Then we'll get to work on a contract. At that time we'll also want you to flesh out the concept and create a Game Design Document that fleshes out the full game in detail.
  6. From there we're off and running! We'll provide more details about project milestones when we get to this point.

Tech Specs

What We Expect From You

If you have any questions about this process, please contact game.submission@adultswim.com.