Darkness engulfs you as you lose consciousness and the surrounding world begins to fade… you are now but a limp ragdoll twisting in zero-gravity....NOW LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! FLING THAT FREAK! ● Tap the beat-grid [A] to build beat patterns by sending sound cubes fying into the scene ● Tap and drag the limp, unconscious body foating helplessly before you [B] to fing it violently into oncoming sound cubes (protip: where the collision happens in 3D space changes the pitch) ● Tap the auto-play box [C] to make the sound cubes play automatically inside the arena. (BPM is tempo) ● Share your patterns just by copying the URL (or hitting share, duh) Sam Rolfes ● Creator, Designer, 2D/3D, Sound Lars Berg ● Developer, Co-Designer Special thanks to Donnie Fredericks for additional sound, ♥♥♥ to Adult Swim made with: three.js, tone.js, cannon.js