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Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

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Claude shows Gary how he has managed to convert so many souls.

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Season 1

Gary and Claude try to convince a pro baseball player to stop thanking God for every bunt single and thank the Devil instead. Unsportsmanlike hilarity ensues.

Gary has to protect the Devil's sex condo from being sold. Also, the Devil's mistress is Gary's first love.

A plan to put Satan's face on the nickel leaves Gary stranded in the Appalachian mountains. Outdoorsy hilarity ensues.

Gary loses his summon word at a concert. Whoever finds it will have total control of Gary. Unwholesome hilarity ensues.

Gary goes "back to school" to help a high school drama class make a Satan glorifying musical. Scholastic-themed hilarity ensues.

The Devil has his demons compete for a drink of ice water. Cold, refreshing, hilarity ensues.