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Xavier: Renegade Angel

Your Pent-Up Violence Unleashed

Xavier tries to use reverse psychology on himself to violently defeat his own violence. Watch more Xavier: Renegade Angel on [adult swim].

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Season 1

Meet Xavier, a seeker/searcher man/beast who takes his spirit quest thru Connecticut. When a town is infected with a mystery virus, Xavier must use his healing abilities to save and his brainbilities to stump a evil computer. What doth Xavier?

When a young boy's dreams of mascoting gets crushed by a local gang of gang members, Xavier takes the toughs under his wing. His good deedery results in a drug Lord's death-and per chance a lover for Xavier

Xavier comes to the rescue of a curious youngster who gets in over his heart trying to impress his father. Things nearly blowup in their faces, but Xavier employs some quick think and tasty treats to avert catastrophe.

When a troubled woman loses her babies, Xavier has to insert himself into his own inner child to help him locate the lostlings. Unfortunately for all, Xavier finds himself on the wrong side of the law. But which side is that?

Xavier surrenders his own freedom to the whims of a spoiled child to save dame humanity. Humanity, she fights back in unsuspecting ways.

When a battered woman reaches out to Xavier for help, Xavier reaches inside her-- to find that the truth hurts. Pain, madness, and fries collide in this intergalactic time bending mission to find out; why??

EP 7


When a factory mixem-up brings a town to its dusty knees, Xavier decides to PFR (Pray For Rain), but God She no take kindly to freaks.

When Xavier's significant Crystal is stoled, he is forced to venture forth.

Xavier must choose betwixt thy heart and thine mind.

And so the final chapter begends when Xavier meets his match.

Season 2

EP 1


Xavier's sacred mantra brings solace to a sad, pathetic pill popping soul-- his own.

Xavier unleashes his revolutionary lifesaving maneuver all up on those who find theyselfs in need of his protection.

Xavier lifts homeless veterans up from the filth of the streets and into the filth of their meats.

When Xavier sets him sights on friendship, the Energy Crisis won't know what hit it in the face.

Xavier returns to the scene of the crime, his childhood.

When Xavier wakes up with no memories, the power of deja vu reigns supreme. When Xavier wakes up with no memories, the power of deja vu reigns supreme.

Just whenst you most expect it, Xavier's gratitude starved heart shrieks out "Abandon ye lifequest!" and then wolfs down a steam-filled puddin' pie of limits.

A reporter gets his scoop on Xavier. Here cometh the twist: It turns out to be a scoop of Lotion. It's pretty cool. Or, did he?

Poor, poor Xavier awakes with his fate in the goo drenched hands of the grandest menace of all time: You.

When Xavier runs out of desert across which to ramble, he drowns in a sea of completion.