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Tom Goes To The Mayor

Porcelain Birds

The Mayor gets Tom to invest in a porcelain bird pyramid scheme to save Jefferton's bird sanctuary.

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Season 1

With the help of the Bear Trap Brothers, Tom and The Mayor teach Jefferton about the significance of bear traps in child safety. Jack Black and Kyle Gass appear as the Bear Trap Brothers, two rival storekeepers who must help convince the City Council the plan is a good one.

Tom and the Mayor try to celebrate a relic of Jefferton's past by rebuilding a Western-themed amusement park called Pioneer Island. Patton Oswalt guest stars as Zynx, a new threat to the Mayor's power.

EP 3

WW Laserz

Tom proposes a World War II-themed restaurant, but the Mayor's nephew turns it into an arcade/pizza parlor that veers far from his original vision.

Tom creates a T-shirt that reads "Rats Off to Ya" for Christmas. It becomes a local phenomenon, but the idea is quickly stolen from Tom by a local novelty store. Jeff Garlin appears as Pat Croece, the novelty store owner.

EP 5

Toodle Day

At the request of the Mayor, Tom marries all the dogs in Jefferton. Jeff Goldblum guest stars as a pet store owner.

The Mayor gets Tom to invest in a porcelain bird pyramid scheme to save Jefferton's bird sanctuary.

One of the Mayor's old college buddies stops by unexpectedly. Special guest: Michael Ian Black.

After the Mayor is caught in a dirty sex scandal Tom is brought in to be his PR man. In order to boost the Mayor's public opinion they enter into a local hot air balloon challenge. Special Guest: Bob Odenkirk.

EP 9


Tom tries to start a consulting business in Jefferton but is denied by City Council until his family becomes registered.

EP 10


Joy's ex-husband Todd pairs up with Tom to create a reality show called Mister Entrepreneur. Special guest: David Cross.

EP 11

Vice Mayor

The Mayor offers Tom a position as Vice Mayor of Hobo Town. Special Guest: Fred Willard.

EP 12


Tom's annoying old friend Gibbons stops into Jefferton to help Tom at the Friendship Expo. Special Guest: Brian Posehn.

EP 13

Pipe Camp

Tom's concerns for the health of Jefferton's children leads to a Pipe Camp.

Season 2

EP 1

Glass Eyes

Tom needs the Mayor's help to get the father- son barrel goat hunt back on.

Tom stoops to new lows to get invited to Gibbons' Surprise Party.

EP 3


The Mayor helps Tom become head coach of Jefferton's Boy's Wrestling Team.

EP 4

Bass Fest

Tom tries to stop the Mayor from holding a Bass Fest, which threatens the town dam.

The Mayor solves a dispute with a local lawnmower man with Tom's carpet spray.

EP 6


Tom and the Mayor are reunited with Dr. Michael Ian Black.

Tom and the Mayor team up to renovate the Public Zoo.

EP 8


Tom tries to spend the day with his dad.

EP 9


The Mayor hires a smooth jazz saxman, managed by Tom, to perform at the Grand Opening of a Waterbed Galleria.

EP 10

My Big Cups

Tom tries to sell novelty beverage cups at the Mall while the Mayor celebrates Jefferton's 30th anniversary by looking for the perfect painting.

Tom and the Mayor embark on a couple's cruise, minus their partners.

EP 12

Joy's Ex

The Mayor and Tom spend a weekend at the Jefferton Castle while another one of Joy's ex-husbands interferes with Tom's life.

The Mayor hires Tom for a lucrative, but secret white collar position.

Tom and The Mayor invent a sea serpent to attract tourism.

EP 15


Tom goes undercover at his son's school to find out if they are being served high levels of starch.

EP 16


Tom attempts a Puddins fast after his son dies from a pudding overdose.

Tom makes a new friend on the Internet.