Sym-Bionic Titan

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Season 1

After their home planet is invaded, a young soldier, a Princess, and a robot crash land on Earth and attempt to blend into our society by attending high school. However, their troubles soon follow and the trio is forced to defend their new home by unlocking the secret of the Titan robot.

Ilana tries to make their new world into their home, but Lance's overprotective nature puts it all in jeopardy when he unwittingly alerts a Mutraddi Monster to their presence.

Octus is stuck in the middle when Lance and Ilana's internal conflicts cause problems at home and inside the Titan robot. However, when a creature is accidentally unleashed by General Steel, the trio must learn to put their differences aside and unite as one to save the world.

Lance's mundane school life on Earth is a far cry from his daily adventures on Galaluna. But his newfound enthusiasm as a vigilante crime fighter puts his mission on Earth in jeopardy.

Lance's competitive nature and passion for car racing clashes with following Earthly rules... like getting a driver's license.

When a mysterious Shaman invades their dreams, Lance and Ilana are forced to confront their greatest fears.

With their high school under attack, Lance, Ilana and Newton each must take on the formless foe while keeping their identities and mission a secret.

Following a family tragedy, young Lance's formative first year in Galalunian Military School provides many expectations and challenges and his first experience with the MANUS armor.

EP 9

Tashy 497

The kids develop feelings for a cuddly alien creature. But when it turns out to be a ticking time bomb, the kids face their toughest mission yet... letting it go.

Nerdy Newton is assigned the task of tutoring head cheerleader, Kimmy, which leads this robot to have some all too human feelings.

Octus takes action to rescue Lance and Ilana when they are captured by G3 and interrogated about Titan.

A fun evening out for the kids at a party in the woods turns into a night of terror when they realize evil is hidden amongst them.

An amphibian-like creature's sting infects Ilana, turning her against her friends. It's up to Lance and Octus to save her before it's too late.

EP 14

I am Octus

When a signal-emitting creature freezes every human on Earth, Octus is left alone to face his own question of whether he's human, robot, or something else?

Lance teaches himself guitar and joins a garage band. But his new interest in music is threatened as General Steel tries to get to the bottom of who is behind Titan.

War breaks out on Galaluna, and Lance, Ilana and Octus' worlds change forever as the trio meet and escape to their new lives on Earth.

A homesick Ilana uses the school dance to recreate a Galalunian festival. But her perfect evening is threatened by the latest Mutraddi creature.

A distress call from G3 sends Titan to a decimated space station. But when an energy wraith attacks, not all of them make it out alive.

Without the ability to form Titan, Lance and Ilana are forced on the run. But Mutraddi creatures aren't the only foe they face when General Steel reveals his own giant robot, The Hammer.

As a mysterious figure works on repairing Octus, more and more creatures attack, and Lance and Ilana, G3 and General Steel must join forces to save the Earth from destruction.