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Alice and The Warden travel far to make everyone's gastric juices go gaga.

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Season 4

EP 1


Superjail becomes hell on earth - more than it usually is, at least.

The Warden bans smoking, which begins a deadly race for the last pack.

A romantic spa outing causes an outbreak that's way nastier than foot fungus.

The Warden's belief in a fairy tale monster pushes him to fanatical lengths.

A weather-controlling robot causes some deadly climate change.

Superjail's darkest secret leads to backwater neighbors who throw a killer hoedown.

Season 1

Welcome to the most insane jail on the planet and home of Earth's worst criminals.

EP 1


The Warden builds a bar inside Superjail so he can ask Alice out on a date.

EP 2


The Warden and his staff unearth an ancient fighting arena.

The Warden tries to stop a riot by monitoring the inmates' dreams.

A female prison ship crash-lands at Superjail.

EP 5


The Warden invites a motivational speaker to Superjail.

The Warden holds a science fair.

The inmates discover a little girl inside Superjail.

The Warden is put on trial for his future crimes.

With the Warden missing, the Superjail staff tries to make it in the real world.

EP 10


A new prisoner has Superjail on edge.

Season 2

A mysterious castaway lands on SuperJail Island and makes fast friends with The Warden. But has he really come to play, or is he just using The Warden so he can get all his toys? Knowing is half the battle.

Jared isn't feeling himself after a freak accident makes him a freak-and The Warden a rich man in the fast-growing business of black market organ sales! But too much inventory can be a problem-especially when it wants to take over SuperJail.

When Jailbot and Jacknife are shot down over the hostile Outer Worlds, The Warden must learn how to take care of SuperJail-and his own hygiene-all by himself. Will Jailbot survive? Will The Warden? Will SuperJail? Jared and Alice wouldn't bet on it. Oh, wait, they totally would.

EP 4


A mysterious and deadly invader from another world infiltrates SuperJail, and she's willing to kill anything that gets between her and what she wants. But what does she want? And why is she naked?

Paul and Jean, the Gay Inmates, are finally tying the knot and everyone's invited! Except for The Warden, who decides to rectify that invitational oversight by throwing the wedding himself in grand SuperJail style. Can true love possibly survive? Will anyone else in SuperJail?

EP 6


The Warden is haunted by the ghosts of his past. Literally. As the body count in SuperJail rises, so do the ghosts' tempers. The afterlife is filling up fast-but there's always room for one more.

Jailbot is starting to show his age. And when Jared buys a sleek new replacement online, it might be time to put the Warden's beloved old companion down into storage.

You'd have to be on drugs not to love The SuperJail Monthly Movie Matinee. Or at least that's what The Warden thinks, when the inmates don't love his Monthly Movie Matinee. Meanwhile, Alice is the only one who can help the Twins with a "feminine problem."

EP 9


The Warden takes the staff and inmates on a fantastical pleasure cruise aboard his flying ship.

SuperJail holds its annual SuperJail Grand Prix. The winning team gets to go free, but we all know nothing comes free in SuperJail.

Season 3

Jared tries running Superjail his way, but must contend with some unruly mutant monsters.

Superjail is faced with its first parole... Ever!

An inmate teaches the Warden about friendship and fire.

The Warden must rise to the occasion to take back Superjail.

Warden takes up ventriloquism, but his little dummy steals the show.

Warden meets some of Superjail's very special inmates and tries to reintegrate into the general population.

The twins' surprise guests interfere with the Warden's plan to subdue the inmates.

EP 8


When an inmate becomes a daddy, Superjail's population explodes.

Alice takes on a second job and discovers her hidden talent.

EP 10

Planet Radio

When a pirate radio station hits Superail, the Warden fights back with some programming of his own.