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Burn After Killing

Kove's little black book is stolen by someone from her past and the only NTSF agent talented enough to help her is dead. Or is he?

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Season 1

A new alcoholic energy drink is killing University of San Diego Students. NTSF must team up with the Food and Drug Administration, despite their mutual mistrust, to follow a lead.

Each member of NTSF gets a mysterious call from a person who claims they have secret information about them. Unbeknownst to the other members, they each must bring a million dollars to a warehouse, leaving Kove alone at NTSF HQ. When the caller is finally revealed, the team gets a blast from the past.

Trent discovers one of his ex-wives has undergone a sex change AND is trying to steal a San Diego national treasure. Now he must navigate Kove's jealously and stop his ex before he falls in love with her -- I mean him -- Ugh... IT again. Plus, no one has read Piper's book for book club and the meeting is tonight!

Trent is suspended from NTSF and his old nemesis, wheelchair bound Agent Van Damme, replaces him. While Trent is home alone he must fend off terrorists intent on killing him while his defenses are down. Meanwhile, Van Damme becomes the golden boy of NTSF. But something isn't right about this new guy.

A dolphin serial killer is on the loose and the NTSF don't have any leads until Trent visits the deadliest dolphin serial killer in captivity to get a lead on this new killer... before Sam and Jessie are it's next victims.

A stripper-astronaut steals the space shuttle plans and sells them to Mexico. Now NTSF must go into Mexico and stop the evil President Felipe Calderon before they beat the U.S.A. in the space race.

An international terrorist who avoids NTSF capture by staying out if their jurisdiction is finally corned on a cruise ship... or is he? Trent goes rogue and pretends he's taking the NTSF team on vacation in a ruse to bust this evil man in international waters. But there's a kink when Piper brings her fiancee on the cruise without informing him of her secret identity.

Cody and Sam are captured by Japanese Soldiers who have been lost at sea for 70 years after losing their way to Pearl Harbor. Now the NTSF must find them and stop their long-delayed attack on San Diego.

A particle accelerator malfunction sends Trent into an alternate universe where NTSF is a peaceful organization and terrorism is extinct. Now Trent and his parallel-world doppleganger must restore the time line and the natural order of violence.

Piper's brainwashed alter ego, Isabelle Gareth, a highly trained assasin, is activated after receiving a "special" birthday gift. Now she's hunting down all her NTSF teammates. Meanwhile, in the outside world, Jessie's finally given the appreciation she deserves by a model photographer - but does he have ulterior motives?

It's the Season Finale and there are so many twists and turns your head will explode. Sentient SUVs take NTSF hostage, Sam is forced to work with a creepy new member of the team, and Trent must track down who's behind it all. But there isn't just one culprit. Everyone has something to hide... or do they?

It's San Diego Day, a Christmas-like holiday, in San Diego but Terrorists plan to sabotage the SD parade by planting a bomb in the heart of the Grand Marshal of the parade, who happens to be the President of the Navy. Now NTSF must stop the bomb and, adding to stress of the day, Trent sends Alphonse out to find his kids the perfect gift.

Season 2

Trent and Piper go undercover and back to school to figure out who's kidnapping the children of San Diego's elite.

Trent infiltrates the Swedish virtual pedicab bike racing scene to take down a crew of restaurant terrorists.

A Riddle Terrorist attacks San Diego on a Saturday, and it's up to Sam to stop him before he destroys the city.

A teen heartthrob rides along with Trent and Alphonse on the case of a brutal killer who likes killing Hollywood directors. Kove starts a podcast.

NTSF teams up with a group of anti terrorism time-travelers from the future here to prevent crimes that haven't happened yet - but will happen in the future.

Gary the Killer Whale is murdered and the NTSF team is blamed. Now Trent, Alphonse and Piper must clear their name before they are disavowed.

EP 7

Robot Town

Robot S.A.M. is accused of murder and Trent has to go where no human has gone before: Robot Town, San Diego.

It's time for the biggest annual event in San Diego, and it's up to Trent and the team to stop a terrorist group known as the F.A.N.B.O.Y.Z., who are intent on killing the the comic book authors that have let them down.

When Piper decides to get married, she finds out the hard way that when your ex-fiance is a ninja, he has a hard time letting go.

EP 10

Family Dies

Trent must kill his father, but things aren't as easy as they sound.

Jessie and Alphonse head underground to infiltrate a group of crazed book sellers who are intent on destroying the internet.

Alphonse travels home to Alaska to find out who murdered his former partner and to make amends with his father, who disowned him for using a cell phone.

The NTSF team shows off their new home security system and free iPhone app.

While celebrating Christmas together at Kove's house, the team is attacked by the evil Alaskan Santa Claus.

EP 15


A terrorist has rigged a San Diego bus to explode if it goes over 0mph. It's up to NTSF to keep the bus from moving and figure out who's behind it!

Season 3

Trent struggles to regain control of a hijacked plane filled with Comic Con convicts, while Kove and Alphonse debate whether or not to remotely blow it up.

On the eve of delivering the commencement address at USSD, The President of the Navy has three big problems: He can't speak in public without a river of profanity, a member of NTSF is suspected of being programmed to assassinate him during the speech, and his only protection is a robo-cop.

Trent's nephew harbors a seemingly peaceful extraterrestrial, but the NTSF team knows there's no such thing as a peaceful illegal alien.

Kove's little black book is stolen by someone from her past and the only NTSF agent talented enough to help her is dead. Or is he?

EP 5

TGI Murder

The agents of NTSF:SD:SUV trade in their badges and guns for suspenders and flair in order to save the President of the Navy's Chain Restaurant from its violent competitor, Senor Dicks. But will their plan go down in flames?

The Time Angels return and this time the hot time traveling trio protects the future by traveling to the Wild Wild West.

When Robot S.A.M. is taken prisoner outside of NTSF:SD:SUV:: jurisdiction, the team becomes a viral video film crew in hopes it will help disguise their rescue mission.

An early, sexist-ier NTSF agent from 1963 is called in to fight his old hippie nemesis, recently thawed out and escaped from cryo-jail.

For Trent and Sam, swapping faces to foil a terrorist ring is easy. Giving the faces back is hard.

EP 10


Alphonse is captured while infiltrating the Little Britain section of San Diego so the team must join forces with their British counterparts, STSF:UK:DDB (Socialist Terrorism Task Force: United Kingdom, Double Decker Bus) to rescue their teammate and save San Diego from the Evil Brits.

Before Piper was a sexy superagent, she was an awkward, unpopular college student with a fondness for tight vinyl bodysuits.

Trent's children learn the true meaning of Christmas when a terrorist dressed as Santa takes over the mall.