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Refused Representation

Parents-teacher conferences or justice: you can only have one.

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Season 1

An eye-opening investigation by Louis La Fonda reveals the shocking secret to the rebirth of the American Auto Industry. "Back seat driver" takes on a whole new meaning.

EP 2

Hedge Fun

Correspondent Narge Hemingway takes a very hard look at handsome Wall Street investing superstar Miles Van Cleef and finds a handsome fraud superstar.

Correspondent Amir LaRussa asks some important questions about body hair removal and meets a really disgusting bird.

Amir Larussa reports on how children are the future of crime fighting and Louis La Fonda travels to Boston to meet an Irishman who's really angry.

EP 5

Gay Camp

Correspondent Narge Hemingway visits a summer camp with a horrible secret and doesn't find a husband or what that horrible secret is.

Sadee Deenus visits a town where every last person is physically fit. But Sadee can't figure out why because she's a terrible reporter.

Louis La Fonda meets a father and son who hate each other and learns why abortion protests are really cool, and a good place to meet girls.

EP 8


In this award-winning report, Sadee Deenus meets a typical all American family and completely destroys it.

EP 9

Epic Fail

Cranky old, out of touch correspondent Skip Reming experiences the horrors of modern air travel and perky, hot correspondent Xandra Dent meets robots who save and destroy the world.

This time it's personal. Louis La Fonda meets a precocious kid who makes Newsreaders look bad.