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Naruto: Shippuden

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Naruto went and got all grown up.

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Season 1

The new Team Kakashi heads for Tenchi Bridge. To Naruto, Sai is just temporarily filling in for Sasuke. When Sai shows his contempt for Sasuke, the antagonism comes to a head. Yamato steps in to settle everyone down. To everyone's astonishment, Yamato uses the Wood Style ninjutsu that only the First Hokage was said to know. Ignoring Sakura's reaction, Yamato decides they will stay overnight at a hot-spring inn in order to try to improve the rocky relations among his team members.

EP 37


Sakura comes across Sai working on an abstract painting. He tells her that he's unable to give it a title. Bothered by his manner, Sakura finds an unusual picture book among Sai's things. As the group later hurries toward Tenchi Bridge they are on guard against a possible ambush by the Akatsuki. Yamato is aware of the difficulty of the goal of this mission, which is to take Sasori's spy into custody, so he pairs everyone up in the event that a battle begins.