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Season 1

Naruto is enraged when he discovers that Sai attacked him in order to test his strength. Sakura pulls them apart, but tensions are running high between the members of Team Kakashi. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Yamato, and Shizune gather in Kakashi's hospital room. Jiraiya reports on Naruto's reckless behavior to alert Yamato. Meanwhile, Sai receives a mysterious envelope from a Foundation operative. What secret mission has Sai been assigned by Danzo? With speculation running rampant, the time for Team Kakashi's departure draws near.

The new Team Kakashi heads for Tenchi Bridge. To Naruto, Sai is just temporarily filling in for Sasuke. When Sai shows his contempt for Sasuke, the antagonism comes to a head. Yamato steps in to settle everyone down. To everyone's astonishment, Yamato uses the Wood Style ninjutsu that only the First Hokage was said to know. Ignoring Sakura's reaction, Yamato decides they will stay overnight at a hot-spring inn in order to try to improve the rocky relations among his team members.