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Moral Orel

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A Moral Orel special that sheds light on the origin of Orel's religious nature and the birth of his brother, Shapey.

Season 1

Orel takes righteous action when he concludes that everyone buried in the town's cemetery is rejecting God's greatest gift, Life.

EP 2

God's Chef

In order to masturbate and still go to heaven, Orel hatches a hair-brained scheme that turns Moralton topsy-turvy.

EP 3


When Reverend Putty preaches the righteousness of helping the poor, Orel befriends a down-and-out crack dealer.

EP 4


When Orel learns that God hates waste he decides to recycle his own urine.

A series of improbable assumptions leads Orel from a sermon about marriage straight to the town's only sex shop.

Orel gets a big head when he learns that God is everywhere, even in him.

A boy with God on his side need fear nothing, which makes for a boring Halloween. But Orel has a solution.

EP 8


The virtue of loyalty inspires Orel to be faithful to an evil new friend.

EP 9


In his quest for maturity, Orel models himself after the emotionally repressed adults of Moralton.

Moralton on Jesus' birthday... a very special "Moral Orel."

Season 2

Orel learns about the great American pastime, discrimination.

EP 2


Orel's new pet puppy becomes a serious threat to the town and its beliefs.

EP 3


Coach Stopframe goes to extreme measures in order to make a certain person be his lover.

Orel solves puzzling and mysterious capers through the sheer power of his righteous logic.

Miss Censordoll, Moralton's intolerant librarian, takes Orel under her wing as her apprentice and teaches him how to be offended.

When Orel's friend, Tommy, does poorly in Reverend Putty's science class, the boy is put into "special education."

EP 7


When Orel learns that most "pleasures" in life comes from the devil, he starts avoiding anything that makes him happy.

Orel falls in love... but is she too different?

The image of our savior miraculously appears on a Jewish doctor.

Orel finally gets Stephanie, the town atheist, to go to church.

EP 11


The pressure is on when Orel needs to win this years Praying Bee.

EP 12


Cheating on his wife with Nurse Bendy, Principal Fakey has trouble with this most fundamental of protestant practices.

Orel teaches the school bully that the best defense is no defense.

EP 14


When Orel discovers the Missing Link on a camping trip, he learns the meaning of Geniusis.

EP 15


Orel learns a valuable lesson about man/woman relations when Doughy becomes involved with the teacher.

Orel has some competition for the lead role in the school pageant.

With no sinners left in Moralton for Reverend Putty to save, Orel imports a few lost souls from the neighboring town.

Orel holds a premiere of his new stop-motion animated film in his backyard for several of Moralton's authority figures.

EP 19

Nature pt. 1

Orel and Clay take a father and son hunting trip.

EP 20

Nature pt. 2

Orel and Clay take a father and son hunting trip.

Season 3

EP 1


Bloberta searches for a solution to her humdrum life.

EP 2


It's finally the last straw when Clay grounds Orel from church.

EP 3


The town gets together and agrees not to give Orel any more advice.

EP 4


The final nail in the show's coffin.

EP 5


When Doughy becomes Orel's shooting coach, he discovers that his student has quite the "itchy trigger finger."

EP 6


Discontent with being raised by his octogenarian Father and depressed, middle-aged half sister, Joe searches for a more vibrant guardian.

EP 7


Bloberta ponders Orel's question: "Why did you marry Dad?"

EP 8


Clay considers the tradition of passing Ol' Gunny down from generation to generation.

EP 9


Stephanie is hell-bent on Orel having a better experience than her own at the school's annual "Arms Length Dance."

EP 10


A year's worth of the most important weekday in Moralton is explored through the eyes of some very very minor characters.

EP 11


It's Easter and the lack of happiness in Moralton leads several troubled souls to Forghetty's Pub for some unavailable solace.

EP 12


Miss Censordoll slowly hatches a plan to make eggs legal again.

EP 13


Orel needs to discover something to honor his father about and finds it in Coach Stopframe.