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Loiter Squad

It Takes a Village

In this very special episode, Taco loses his pants.

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Season 3

The guys return and take it to another level with Blake Anderson; Jasper shows off his cooking skills.

The guys explore the dangers of drug use in a workplace; Tyler gives Seth Rogen valuable advice.

Earl's out looking for a new roommate; Lionel gives some exciting insight.

Young N**** holds a press conference and premieres his new video.

The return of Catchphrase Jones; Family and friends hold a funeral for Carl.

EP 8


Tatiana's sleepover takes a turn for the worse; Taco learns a moral lesson.

EP 9


Taco becomes the smartest man in the world thanks to Syd; The guys put on the greatest show of their lives.

Lionel shows off his fly ass sweat suit; Tyler gets nasty with an old lady.

Season 1

Thurnis Haley talks balls and soup; Xzibit refuses to pimp his date's ride; Po-Po officers take down two homicidal dancers.

EP 1

Episode 1

Dr. Muhammed is the remarkable dentist with no arms; Emo Patrick posts responses to skits on YouPoop; Tyler loses a leg in a backyard bloodbath.

EP 2

Episode 2

Thurnis Haley recounts a tragic story while washing his balls; Po-Po officers bust some illegal Cubans; bands-aids get a blacktop makeover.

EP 3

Episode 3

Lionel the Booty Hunter; the Channel 5 News presents puppies and catamarans; new D'Angelo video drops

EP 4

Episode 4

E.T.'s arrest leads to an interrogation room shootout; a pickup basketball game goes bottomless; some angry ice dancers take down a pig and a school.

EP 5

Episode 5

It's not easy for Sagan being 16 & Pregnant; Tyler learns an important lesson about sexual harassment; 80s video dating makes a comeback.

EP 6

Episode 6

Thurnis Haley shares his wisdom at a golf shop; Tyler and Lionel remake Miami Vice; Black Shaun White shows off his stunts.

EP 7

Episode 7

Maurice finds out who's the daddy; Tyler, Jasper, and Lionel play with fish; Fernando teaches the art of dance.

EP 8

Episode 8

Mars and Sabrina Williams meet fans at a local tennis court; Mike G investigates a murder; Hodgy takes on a gang.

EP 9

Episode 9

Young N-Word and Gunshot go to court over a video game; Jasper kung fu fights; Blackass.

EP 10

Episode 10

Puppets fight and reveal secrets; Jefferson, Darnell, and Murphy go on the Mating Game; Taco wears the wrong camouflage during war.

Season 2

EP 1

Soul Food

The guys welcome Blake Andersen, Lionel tries out new catchphrases, and Tyler trains a rookie.

The guys do their own spin on the Real Housewives Reunion and skate with Tony Hawk. Lionel wakes up a friend.

The Po-Po need help solving a big case, Blake Andersen is back, and a new music video debuts.

The guys welcome back an old friend, Jasper and Taco audition for a fake commercial, and Lionel stars in the Blindside 2.

The Shady Bunch has bad luck in Hawaii, Mars and Sabrina get pedicures, Jasper gives advice.

The guys go to jail, get adopted, and meet new Finnish friends The Dudesons.

The guys search for treasure, Jasper attempts a bike jump with the help of Andy Bell, and Earl complains about his roommate.

EP 8

Set It Off

Tyler hates his new stepfather Bam Margera, Taco hits the streets in a bathtub, and the cast gets new dolls with surprising powers.

The cast attempts an intervention; Jasper and Tyler face moral dilemmas. Taco changes the game.

EP 10


Emo Patrick makes a phone call, the guys face eating challenges, Taco explains his world.