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Family Guy

Stewie Loves Lois

Stewie almost loses his beloved bear Rupert when a stray dog snatches him out of Stewie's hands at the park. Lois saves Rupert and stitches him up good as new. After this act of bravery, Stewie realizes how much he loves his mother, but how long with this relationship last?

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Season 2

In an attempt to avoid a hospital bill, Peter pretends he's dead, thereby attracting, then trying to outrun, Death. When Peter injures Death in a scuffle, he must temporarily take over Death's unpopular duties.

Peter wrestles control away from Lois during a Quahog Players theatre group production of "The King and I," making the play into a cyborg battle, complete with bikini-clad dancing girls.

Peter's sexist remarks at work land him face-to-face with feminist attorney Gloria Ironbacks, who sends him to a sensitivity training class that makes him too sensitive.

Peter gets a reputation for being a healer when he miraculously cures a made-up disease Chris uses as part of a scam on the Grant-A-Dream Foundation.

Season 11

Brian's dreams come true when he writes a play and it's a hit...but his happiness evaporates when Stewie writes a better play in one night.