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Family Guy


After growing a moustache and then losing it in a fire at McBurgertown, Peter is given a years worth of hamburgers for free. He eats thirty burgers and in turn, he has a stroke, paralyzing the left half of his body. Meanwhile, Stewie makes a bet with Brian that he can become the most popular kid at Meg's school in a week. Using a few catchphrases to the popular kids, he's in.

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Season 2

Peter gets a reputation for being a healer when he miraculously cures a made-up disease Chris uses as part of a scam on the Grant-A-Dream Foundation.

EP 15

Dammit Janet

Stewie falls in love with a toddler at day-care named Janet, while Lois, now a stewardess, and Peter, taking advantage of free trips, board a plane that is hijacked to Cuba.

After the Mob helps Peter get his car repaired, he and Lois keep trying to avoid repaying the favor. In the process, Lois offends the nephew of the Don and a contract is taken out on her life.

Although Chris rejects the idea of liposuction in his efforts to lose weight, Peter becomes addicted to plastic surgery.

Season 11

Brian's dreams come true when he writes a play and it's a hit...but his happiness evaporates when Stewie writes a better play in one night.