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After growing a moustache and then losing it in a fire at McBurgertown, Peter is given a years worth of hamburgers for free. He eats thirty burgers and in turn, he has a stroke, paralyzing the left half of his body. Meanwhile, Stewie makes a bet with Brian that he can become the most popular kid at Meg's school in a week. Using a few catchphrases to the popular kids, he's in.

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Season 3

The Griffins, forced into the witness protection program, move to a backwoods southern town.

Brian gets an urge to have sex, and finally chases down the champion greyhound owned by Peter's rich and snooty father-in-law.

Peter discovers he has a black ancestor; Stewie tries to learn cheerleaders' power to entrance.

After Joe fails to make an arrest because of his physical limitations, Peter helps him rebuild his self-esteem by talking him into entering the decathlon at the "Special People's Games."

Season 11

Mayor West goes on trial for murder after his aide is found stabbed to death.