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Family Guy

Boys Do Cry

When Stewie vomits after chugging wine from the chalice in Sunday morning church, the Griffins are run out of Quahog by an angry mob of townspeople who fear that Stewie is possessed by the devil. The family escapes to Lois' sister's house in Texas where they each try to adapt to their new environment.

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Season 3

The Griffins, forced into the witness protection program, move to a backwoods southern town.

Brian gets an urge to have sex, and finally chases down the champion greyhound owned by Peter's rich and snooty father-in-law.

Peter discovers he has a black ancestor; Stewie tries to learn cheerleaders' power to entrance.

After Joe fails to make an arrest because of his physical limitations, Peter helps him rebuild his self-esteem by talking him into entering the decathlon at the "Special People's Games."

Season 11

Mayor West goes on trial for murder after his aide is found stabbed to death.