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Sphincter Muscles

Ten parts. Ten weeks. Ten reasons to live.

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Season 1

In the series premiere, Marshal Chris Monsanto must avenge his fallen partners while upholding the marshal code. The results will shock you.

EP 2


The shocking murder of a local creep leads to an even more shocking discovery.

Chris learns of a shocking loophole in town law.

Chris goes south of the border on a quest for justice. Muy chocante!

Chris makes amends after a shocking confrontation with a villain.

Twins from Chris's past turn out to be more than they seem. Prepare to be shocked.

After witnessing a mob hit, the Marshals are forced into hiding. Their new identities will shock you.

Susie learns that nothing is more shocking than love.

Brett's need for respect forces him to make a shocking decision.

Chris goes deep undercover to track down missing seniors. With a shocking guest appearance by Mickey Rooney.

Chris's search for an old friend leads him to uncover an ancient secret. You'll be shocked and amazed.

Chris's search for missing marshals leaves him hungry for revenge. Not for the easily shocked.

Season 2

Marshal Chris Monsanto's past comes back to haunt him - or does it?

Brett's cherished bezoar turns out to be more than he bargained for.

An organ thief is on the prowl in Elmwood Park and the marshals must go undercover to catch him. His identity will shock you.

EP 4


Chris goes on a journey to discover the blues - and learns that it may be in danger. Guest Starring Breaking Bad's Dean Norris.

To catch a judge-killing hermaphrodite, Susie must go undercover - under the belt, if you catch my drift, and I'm pretty sure you do.

EP 6


When a killer releases a hit list that includes some of the biggest stars in showbiz, Chris, Brett and Susie must head to Tinselwood to stop him.

EP 7

Beat Shack

When the town's newest crime boss kills the town's favorite hardware merchant, the marshals use extreme measures to catch him. Plus: Doc Shades finds a second career.

Do you have what it takes to be a U.S. Marshal? Find out in this thrilling and informative episode.

Chris's signature blood splatters turn him into an art world star - but will success ruin the nation's top marshal? Guest Starring Bud Cort.

EP 10


The king of the tramps goes missing and the marshals realize that something stinks - and it isn't just the tramps themselves.

When Chris, Brett and Susie bring a brutal dictator to justice, they learn that marshaling isn't all fun and games. Although sometimes it is games. But not fun.

EP 12

Old Gary

The Marshals are called to the woods to quell tensions between loggers and some local activists. They uncover a lot more than you were expecting.

Season 3: Paradise Rising

EP 1


Events are set in motion.

EP 2


New developments pose a threat.

EP 3


Several characters deal with change.

EP 4


Chris faces consequences.

EP 5


Chris deals with a dangerous situation.

EP 6


A new element; problems.

EP 7


Complications arise.

EP 8


An unexpected encounter.

EP 9


Circumstances change.

EP 10