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Cowboy Bebop

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Spike Spiegel has almost nothing in common with ass-kicking, gun-slinging anti-heroes of the silver screen. None of them had green hair. Watch Cowboy Bebop Saturday nights on Adult Swim.

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Season 1

Jet and Spike must track down a dealer of "Red Eyes," a dangerous, addictive drug that induces berserker rages in its users. Can even Jet's strength stand up to the power of the drug? And has Spike been swayed by the charms of a mother-to-be?

There's an intruder on the Bebop! A strange organism roams the ship and its touch causes great illness. One by one, the members of the crew fall prey to it. Is it an alien invader? A disease? Soon, only Spike and Ed are left to deal with this dangerous creature.

Still haunted by her past, Faye searches for more clues to her identity. Yet it seems that one of her crewmates is having more luck: Ed is reunited with her father. But the identity of this strange man is suspect. What will Ed do if she has really found her dad?

Faye, still trying to get over the shock of recovering her memory, is out on her own. She meets Julia, the woman from Spike's past, who tells Faye to relay a message to Spike. Will Faye comply?

Spike convinces Julia to escape with him. But Vicious has seized control of the Syndicate and is on their trail. Pursued by their former friend, will Spike and Julia live happily ever after?