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Convention Panels

SDCC 2011: Robot Chicken Panel

The cast and crew of Robot Chicken address and ridicule an adoring crowd of curious, costumed fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Watch more Convention Panels on

SDCC 2014

Mike Tyson expresses giddy delight in literally becoming a cartoon character.

Rob Huebel and Rob Corddry field questions while Nick Weidenfeld moderates and Mike Lazzo plays Sonic 2 on his iPad.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog addresses a fantastic gathering of nerds (wait for it)... FOR HIM TO POOP ON.

The brains behind The Venture Bros. discuss pee stains, presidential diarrhea, and, yes, their show.

The Robot Chicken gang enjoys yet another victory lap amongst the nerd faithful.

Learn more about the upcoming second season from showrunners Birdperson, Gazorpazorpfield, Chip Chompers and Pizza McLizza.

SDCC 2006

Adult Swim's not going to Comic-Con '07. Go figure.

SDCC 2008

Matt Senreich, Seth Green and an enormous menagerie of the Robot Chicken crew headed to the San Diego Comic-Con to talk to fans about the new Star Wars special, celebrity guest stars and Smurf wars. And Breckin Meyer and Doug Goldstein fight it out once and for all to decide who actually wrote The Emperor's Phone Call sketch.

Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick and Michael Sinterniklaas (the voice of Dean Venture) brave the multitudes of the San Diego Comic Con to talk about their third season and drop hints about where the show is going in the future.

Dragon*Con 2008

Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick descended to Atlanta from Astro-Base to answer fans questions about the Season 3 Finale of the show. Sorry, fans-of-Henchman-24: you're not going to love all of the news.

[adult swim] brought real dragons to Dragon*Con '08 to answer questions about dragons, dragon culture, [adult swim], [adult swim] culture and golf.

Dana Snyder, Ned Hastings, Jim Fortier, Dave Willis and Daniel McDevitt made the trek down to the Atlanta Dragon*Con to share information about the new seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies, only to also get the opportunity be insulted by one angry fan.

SDCC 2009

Creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are joined by the Robot Chicken writing team and director Chris McKay to answer burning questions such as "Who voices the Lohans?" and "If Snake Eyes is a silent ninja, how does he order a sandwich?"

Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are joined by James Urbaniak (voice of Dr. Venture), Mike Sinterniklaas (voice of Dean) and Jon Schnepp (director of Metalocalypse) to relieve tension about which non-Venture characters make appearances in Season 4.

Dragon*Con 2009

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer brave the crowds at Dragon Con to talk about the impending release of Season 4, the lives and times of the Orpheus Family and the outcome of the most ridiculous fantasy fight of all time.

The Adult Swim Dragons (and a Scottish Lighthouse) returned to Dragon Con in 2009 to talk about dragons, dragon culture, Adult Swim, Adult Swim culture, golf and Scottish Lighthouses.

Squidbillies co-creators Dave Willis and Jim Fortier, along with voice actors Dana Snyder and Unknown Hinson, unleashed the majesty of Squidbillies (along with some Unknown acoustic performances) on the throngs of Dragon*Con fans.

SDCC 2010

Creators and cast from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Mary Shelley's Frankenhole answer such burning fan questions as "Your wife is my teacher," and "How do you know each other?"

The cast of Childrens Hospital gives the 2010 Comic-Con crowd a taste of what it's like to save a life.

Creators of Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros. hunker down for an intimate discussion with fans about their respective shows, little league teams and how to hump your friends with toys.

Patrick Warburton and James Urbaniak join creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the second half of season 4, the new Venture Bros. toys, Patrick's car, James' voice, Doc's hair and Jackson's nipples.

Dragon*Con 2010

The laws of standard panel Q&A's give way to dynamic video gold as Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick dive headfirst into a crowd of their adoring fans to field questions, drop knowledge, and deliver roses to the ladies.

The casts and crews behind two beloved Adult Swim staples shove their way into Dragon*Con for live table reads, puppet erotica, and on-stage fan abuse. Y'know, normal panel stuff.

NYCC 2010

Show creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick are joined in New York by Mike Sinterniklaas, voice of Dean Venture, for some old-fashioned, classic format Q&A.

Discover what's in store for Robot Chicken's fifth season as Seth Green, Matt Senreich, and Clare Grant conduct a very special Q&A, now with 100% more former child star power.

The brilliant minds behind Delocated unleash their precious, filthy secrets all over an adoring New York audience.

Be a fly on the wall as the cast and crew of Childrens Hospital whisper their precious faux-medical secrets into the waiting ears of an adoring New York audience.

SDCC 2011

The cast and crew of Robot Chicken address and ridicule an adoring crowd of curious, costumed fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Watch more Convention Panels on

The cast and crew of the upcoming Black Dynamite animated series discuss the making of the show, hint at some stand-out episodes, and tease the impending film sequel.

The cast of Childrens Hospital opens the Comic-Con floor for discussion on topics such as Brazilian vendors, mustache burns, and skateboard safety.

The cast and crew of Eagleheart talk about the upcoming second season, answer questions from puppets, and warn the crowd against addressing Maria Thayer as a "lovely redhead."

Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, and James Urbaniak grab the mic and drop truth bombs on a warm and ready Comic-Con fanbase.

NYCC 2011

Panelists Patton Oswalt, Heather Lawless, Kristen Schaal, John Lee, Leo Fitzpatrick, Alyson Levy, Joseph Sikora, and special guest moderator David Cross heal hearts and expand minds at New York Comic Con 2011.

Jackson and Doc field questions from fans via the Internet and in person for this 2011 confessional.

Christy Karacas, Steve Warbrick, Richard Mather, Janine Ditullo and Jackson Publick lay witness to a special one-man live audio track recreation by series animator James Sugrue.

Seth, Matt, Doug and Kevin are joined by Macaulay Culkin, Geoff Johns of DC Comics fame and RC voice actress Clare Grant at the New York Comic Con 2011.

Chris Elliott, Maria Thayer, Brett Gelman, Michael Gladis, Jason Woliner and Michael Koman answer questions from fans at New York Comic Con.

Patton Oswalt moderates the Delocated Panel at New York Comic Con with Jon Glaser, Janeane Garofalo, Steve Cirbus, Jacob Kogan, Yung-I Chang and Ali Farahnakian.

Show creators Brad Neely, Daniel Weidenfeld and Dave Newberg field questions regarding the future history of the Professor Bros., the origin of Baby Cakes, and hardcore defenestration.

Michael Jai White, Carl Jones, Kym Whitley, Scott Sanders and Byron Minns field questions from fans in New York.

SDCC 2012

Season 4 Premieres Aug. 9 at midnight! The stars and staff of television's most beloved pediatric drama discuss the newest season, spoilers for Suits, and uncomfortable clown makeup before a live Comic-Con audience.

Season 2 Premieres Aug. 9 at 12:15a! A panel of actors and show creators tease their second season and reassure the San Diego audience of their ongoing, guaranteed safety.

The cast and crew of Adult Swim's all-new, exploitative late-night animated series answer questions and give the Comic-Con crowd an early showing of the debut episode.

The minds, hands, and voices behind two network favorites entertain the Comic-Con kiddies with clips, puppets and free chocolate.

Doc and Jackson put on their special indoor sunglasses to discuss holiday specials and season 5 secrets.

Be a fly on the ballroom wall as the cast and crew dishes on the latest stop-motion superhero shenanigans to come out of San Diego.

NYCC 2012

Some men named Paul, Rob, David, Curtis and Jon dazzle New York with unrehearsed banter and magic tricks.

The hearts, minds, and friends of Robot Chicken tackle another gauntlet of unnecessarily sexual fan questions.

Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick bring a fancy couch to Comic-Con, as well as some celebrity friends to fill it. Plus, Air Supply!

The creators, cast and crew of Superjail! field some fan questions and share some season 3 secrets.

Brad Neely, Daniel Weidenfeld, Dave Newberg and Hannibal Buress take the New York stage to discuss a few series secrets and tease the upcoming second season.

SDCC 2013

All of our animation showbabies, new and old, together at one table. Don't you just love a family dinner?

Show creator Brad Neely is joined by cast and crew to discuss creative collaborations and the soullessness of eyes without pupils.

The creators, writers and voices behind Robot Chicken are joined by some surprise guests to dive into the filthy details of the latest season, from rip-offs to magic eyes and beyond.

The creators, crew and cast of Adult Swim's upcoming animated series are challenged to explain what their show is about before a live audience of confused strangers.

Keep on doing your art, even if your mom doesn't get it.

The stars of Childrens Hospital steel themselves for an hour of awkward questions and softball pitches. You should have known better, people. They're professionals.

Show creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have their new speed suits installed and Patrick Warburton by their side. Your questions do not stand a chance.

San Diego's favorite anti-terrorism strike force kicks back to enjoy a delightful conversation with a room full of fans. Casualties were kept to a minimum!

Shows are revealed. New seasons are teased. Celebrities are electrocuted. Hollywood is manhandled. Also, somewhere in there, fans ask a few questions.

NYCC 2013

Score a front-row seat as the self-satisfied cast and crew of Robot Chicken as they discuss their second DC special and an upcoming collaboration with Bryan Cranston.

How much genital caressing can you get for 60 bucks? Listen and learn as Doc and Jackson answer fan questions before yet another captive New York audience.

The cast and crew of China, IL discuss the Hogan Family, American history and Baby Cakes' messianic role in modern Judaism.

The cast of The Heart, She Holler answers questions and talks about giant tumors, alternate Hurshes, and bringing the insanity of their scripts to life.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon take you inside the sausage factory of Adult Swim's newest show, Rick and Morty. Delicious.