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China, IL

Ticket Master

There's no convenience fee great enough for BC to give up his golden ticket.

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Season 1

Ronald Reagan returns to China, IL to exact revenge on Steve, who years earlier impersonated the former president in a kid's talent show on live TV.

After the Dean loses control of the school to his arch-rival, Steve, Pony & Baby Cakes must help him regain the physical and psychological strength to take it back.

Student registration for the History Department sinks to an all-time low after the death of Harold, one of the faculty's best professors. Steve must come up with a plan to save their jobs while Frank becomes convinced that he's getting unsolicited attention from a paranormal being.

EP 4

Baby Boom

After a giant baby is born in the Super Science lab, obliterating the campus, the faculty is split between whether they should raise the monstrous infant or destroy it.

Steve realizes life after tenure isn't as exciting as he suspected, and Pony finds out that the Dean has a secret that he'd do anything to keep hidden.

Baby Cakes brings a date to the University's "Faculty Prom," which is held at the old, abandoned schoolhouse full of surprisingly vicious inhabitants.

After both Frank and Steve sustain life-threatening injuries during a wrestling match, Dr. Falgot performs surgery on them turning Frankensteve into a super brother.

When all of the students on campus fail their finals on Christmas, the professors must come up with a plan to re-teach them everything before New Years, or risk losing their jobs.

Baby Cakes' imaginary ex-best friend used to haunt Baby Cakes' dreams, but now with Facebook he's found a way of haunting his reality.

EP 10

Dean's List

Different departments on campus are selected for The Dean's List, an annual scavenger hunt that is much more dangerous than it sounds.

Season 2

It's the first day of school and Frank is determined to give the perfect lecture.

After The Dean raises tuition to 500 grand a semester, Pony must go to drastic measures in order to stay in school.

After Steve hires another history professor who coincidentally looks just like him, he immediately regrets his decision.

Frank discovers that Thomas Jefferson's mythical Diamond Castle is real.

Rock & roll superstar Kenny Winker is coming to China, IL and giving away one ticket to hang out with him on his tour bus, The Garden of Hedon.

Frank bets everyone in town a plate of cheese-sticks that he'll be the focus of the local news program's newest segment: Person of the Day.

Total Validation, China IL's newest counseling service, will determine who is right or wrong in any relationship.

EP 8

Surfer God

Steve's dislike of The Beach Boys goes well beyond their music.

EP 9

Prank Week

Baby Cakes misunderstands a lecture on Senator Joe McCarthy's infamous "Witch Hunts."

EP 10

Wild Hogs

The campus becomes victim to an infestation of wild hogs.